Monday, October 4, 2010

All that glitters.

When I think of glitter and gold the first thing that comes to mind (besides sparkling little fairies and raves) is the fashion industry. Especially when  you throw in a hint of not being everything it appears to be.
So my original idea for this blog was to take the mickey out of the recurring cliche'd fashion blog that tells you what you should wear. Can you say yuck?
However i thought that this wasn't going to be enough for me to really get into refreshing the cliche of "All that glitters is not gold" and I would inevitably shoot my little self in the foot, again.
 I do think that the fashion industry warrants a few posts so i think i'll start from here and see where the wind takes me.So hello! I'm Bella, this is my blog, please be patient, I'm learning!
gold, ain't so golden is it?


  1. What do have dogs to say about their fashion statements?

  2. well i'm guessing, woof? or grrr?

  3. Dress classic, stress less.

    The big thing about fashion that bothers me is the use of teenage models with skeletal structures that would scare the crap out of real skeletons and have asses like ten year olds.

    I often wonder whether it's valid to have a drama queen man with a preference for other men's juicy bits choosing what should be considered beautiful about women.

    That's not a homophobic statement at all. I don't consider high end men in fashion homosexual at all. They're self-sexual. So far up their own asses they don't know their tonsils from their testicles.

    So. In the fashion industry, all that glitters is not gold... although sadly young women are still complaining about not being skinny or wanting a figure like "that". That's glittering poison.

    Curves please. That's golden.