Thursday, October 7, 2010

By popular demand.

Alrighty then. I've neglected this a little bit and decided I'd tackle one of the issues raised by my oh so very many followers in the comments of previous posts.
 REAL women.
And the media's  as well as societies lack of portraying them, accepting them and celebrating them. I say praise the curves!
just say (no) YES to cake!

So where the cliche comes in is here really: Magazines, advertising, the fashion industry, our mothers, their mothers, men and the BIGGEST culprits other women preach to us and ram images down out throats  that "this" is what the right weight is "this is what is pretty" . Our magazine pages are draped with the bodies of poor hungry little girls, our runways strutted down by emaciated gaunt zombies who'd likely bitch slap you for a piece of celery (yuck) then run to the bathroom to throw it up again. eish.
what with technology  constantly improving and  Photoshop changing the face of beauty ( quite literally)
We are left with a completely warped perception of beauty and a poor self/body image. Is it purely our western culture? our indescribable idealism? that we all want our fairy tale?

Maybe it is easier for us all to just accept the pretty glittery things that shine and sparkle and make us emit oohs and aah and shwows and whoops of wonder. Because if we look to closely the dullness and dishonesty will just allow us to be consumed by a bout of depression? 

but the truth is WE choose whats shiny. we can choose what glitters. If we dictated enough self-confidence maybe then it would change? maybe then there'd be real women in real clothes sizes eating nourishing balanced diets without the guilt trips?
Now that wouldn't that be golden?

As I go to a brand communications college i'm always interested in what brands are up to and in researching for a new project on Dove i came across their "real" beauty campaign and workshops for girls. 
check this video out:

that pretty much sums it all up.
What if we were equipped with the tools of confidence?
imagine all the crap and drama we'd eliminate?
There is a poet which i cant for the life of me remember the name of that writes in a poem i still can't remember the name of  that God is in imperfecting, he is in the blemishes the unique characteristics that bless every thing. I could'nt agree more.

I'm stoked to be fat and happy. 

stop, cupcaketime!

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