Thursday, October 14, 2010

Internet fame.

This is a thing that both intrigues and irks me.
the power of going viral. And the various channels by which one can create hype and "achieve" fame these days.
Which is in part what we set out to do with this project. well at least create a conversation and interaction with our readers.
I think i'm a little old fashioned when it comes to how people become famous, surely its because they are talented?
especially when it comes to musicians. Sadly this is no longer the case, evidently.
Justin Bieber. Need i say more.
This is probably the only reason i dislike you tube. yep. its you tubes fault.
he was "discovered" there and i'm sure, he  marks the first of endless number of average child stars to be putty in music executives hands. That will sell records to the masses and earn them imaginable sums of money while real musicians have to struggle and fight tooth and nail to get anywhere or sell out completely and utterly.[cough.kings of leon.cough] (Really guys, really? your sex is on fire.)

vom. vom. vom.
Back to bieber or beaver as my mom calls him.(i love my mom)
What are they going to do when his voice breaks?
Oh and guys watch this its hilarious:

SURELY this marks the extent of how extreme this whole thing has become.
pretty darn pathetic and or creepy if you ask me. Going viral seems to be the glittery thing to do these days but the after-effects and the real musicians left struggling. Not so golden.
Do you guys have any other comments on people that went viral?
and are now [unfortunately] famous?

word up.

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  1. Word! You've literally taken the words outa my mouth! insightful... good to know that there are like-mindede thinkers out there!

    amazing blg Bells.. very diverse and bellaful.. it's you you you..