Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So seeming as i have to blog about this cliche for the next while my curiosity got a getting so i wanted to know where exactly it came from and i must say i am more than happy with the origins. All great things come from great writers and who is greater than William himself. although as most great things it was altered or corrupted some might say by a change of times. Here it is in it's original context:

All that glisters is not gold; 

Often have you heard that told:

Many a man his life hath sold

But my outside to behold:

Gilded tombs do worms enfold.

Had you been as wise as bold,

Young in limbs, in judgement old

Your answer had not been inscroll'd

Fare you well, your suit is cold.

so Glisters became glitters and the cliche was born, but as with most cliches, a cliche only become a cliche for it is a universal truth. Basically for those of you who weren't to sure about  what shakespeare mean't there its basically by my interpretation a warning that everything is not always as it appears or is portrayed to be. Many things in life we are simply affronted with and told what is right and what is wrong and what is good and what is bad. what it means to be beautiful. 

For me I try to decide to for myself by myself, sure i am influenced by those close to me but i pride myself in being a strong minded individual [thats another thing whats an individual these days anyway] who can think and choose for herself and thats my choice. I so happen to choose to disagree with most people's perceptions of the world, that doesn't mean i don't respect them i just so happen not just go with the flow, this could also be called pigheadedness. [which is most likely true]. For me beauty is born from the unexpected. The unconventional the surprising the odd marriage of ideas that plague or rather bless our world. They may not necessarily glitter but they are pure golden. Here is the perfect  example:

Coco Rosie forever inspirational and golden.
Everyones opinion is valuable and everyone's perception of the world limited we are all victims to our upbringing or a surviver of our surroundings, I am lucky enough to have been brought up in a way which allowed me to make my own decision and develop my own sense of being. And to me that is the most golden thing of all. A sense of self that helps you navigate the world.

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