Wednesday, October 13, 2010

have you guys heard of lookbook?
Its where people upload their photos of what they are wearing everyday then rate each other. You also have to apply to join!
ridiculous much?
glittery, but not golden for shit.
It all viva la materialism and image is what matters.
yet another occurrence of if i look and dress creative i must be creative. All image, NO Spinach. The bane of my existence.
It also doesn't help that most of the users are underweight, too hungry to smile kids.
Is this where the world is heading?
all glitter, no gold.
i hope not. 
please do yourself a favor and go check it out. its positively cringe-worthy.
also read how they describe themselves and title their posts.


  1. I'll admit that Lookbook is a guilty pleasure of mine when I'm stuck in a style rut.
    If you were on lookbook Bella,I would "hype" you.
    Girls got mad style.

  2. I like to see people's styles and things...I just think that it gets a bit pretentious after a while, with all the beautiful arty photographs + anorexic girls. agree! glitters, but not so golden!

  3. one does wonder why these ladies spend all their time working on getting approval from people on fashion blogs. sad, lonely girls. it may look sparkly, but how much fulfillment can one really get from a good snapshot or great outfit?

    what about perfect looking cupcakes that are dry and tasteless?
    i have been double disappointed recently :(
    not golden.
    (should stick to making my own!)

  4. I agree with Marieka that I too enjoyed the fashionable styles, however Isitcloudy definitely has a point about empty fulfillment those girls' probably feel. I saw the one lady was named smokecocain or something along those lines. Not so cool... So I think I agree that it's glitter, but not gold, although the fashion was cool :) Great blog

  5. I have a Lookbook at home. It's called the bathroom mirror. There's a great application for it too called the wardrobe.