Monday, October 4, 2010

Staying golden.

OK so i think I need to explain myself a little further.
All that glitters is not gold by my interpretation means something which appears to be of importance or value but is in all honesty, a farce or more colloquially put a turd.
There are so many fashion trends that are turds.
As in big fat steaming turds. 
One such turd came into service recently, well fairly recently is the Metallic trend.
which is flitting to discuss going with the whole glitter and gold theme.
Really, what are designers thinking?
That we are all size zero models with no cellulite perfect bums and legs that go on for days?
I think not? But evidently they do. Then to boot these wonderful metallic pants and tops go up to sizes where obviously such wearers will not be flattered.
Yet it is drilled home that this is what is great and cool and rad and "in". 
As per usual the masses do what masses do best and consume the turds.
Locally i blame Yo-landi Visser for the metallic pants that sprung from and the recent ZEF culture phenomenon that was born from the extremely clever Max Normal's rap crew/band/whateveryouwanttocallit : Die Antwoord. Its positively ironic, they rap about the stupidest most common things that literally take the piss out of their audiences and there the audiences are looking up at them singing along (insulting themselves) staring and mimicking adoringly. So tacky turns "tasteful" and zef is kief.
gold pants, not so much.
sies tog.

can you think of any other turds?


  1. don't be hating on the zef. Yolandi found her style, others decided to copy. you can't tune Die Antwoord for making it to the top, they did something right, and now they getting credit for it. Don't blame the sheep for being a sheep. out!

  2. I especially targeted Die Antwoord and Yo-landi Visser for this sort of response and the opportunity for disagreement. I'm not taking away from the fact that Die antwoord are extremely clever individuals who have marketed themselves brilliantly. I'm not disputing that they deserve every success they have received but are you seriously telling me that their subject matter is meaningful or the fashion tasteful?
    In the broadest most widely accepted sense. I was in no way attacking them simply stating my opinion and the obvious? Do you think they are really like that in real life? Its a clever constructed and brilliantly thought out facade. And they are a really entertaining act live probably one of the best in south africa as far as performance goes.

    And as the subject of your blog is mostly that of getting back in touch with reality and not being a sheep and that we are victims of our environments and slaves to the media, surely you'd understand the irony of the zef culture that has developed post-die antwoord and post-jack parow. Yo-landi did make metallic leggings cool in South Africa unfortunately as sheep do they followed.
    However as before mentioned these are my opinions and i'm sorry you misinterpreted my meanings. I'm not attacking zef culture simply poking fun at it a little.

  3. well, i definitely have issues with these very ill looking teen queens draping their tired and hungry selves all over magazine pages. what irks me most is that it's not just high-end magazines that are guilty of this, but even more so the underground art and fashion types. where are the real women? where are flattering clothes? where are the ICE-CREAM and BROWNIES?!

    But we can discuss that topic ad nauseum.

    i completely agree with your train of thought here. why do people think that because someone with "lank coolness factor" looks good in something, that it will work the same magic on them? such is the beauty of advertising, no? making us all believe in magic; the magic wand fashion can wave. but we tend not to realise that though one may be able to transform themselves into a fashionista with a signature look, the same formula may (and let's be honest, probably won't) work the same wonders for our cinderella dream. the outcome is then an entire generation of women (and men) who are left feeling cheated, disillusioned, and defeated.

    But do we want reality? does reality inspire the same way our idealist concept of perfection does...or do we need the fairy tale; the illusion; the dream?

  4. Vampires glitter. Apparently.

    I like your blog Bella.

  5. Interesting how something used to be the 'in thing', became the black sheep and are now in again. What is happening to mankind?

  6. i am loving this. everything you have said is completely relevant to today's perverted society and you shed light on very pressing issues in a relaxed, intelligent and quirky way.
    sensational. you should take up blogging professionally :) :)