Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two things that should never go together.

yes. glittering vampires. The two things you'd never think of putting together pre-twilight. But alas it has been done. And will forever go down in the hearts of every tween girl on the planet.[unfortunately]

Let me start out by saying i have read the entire twilight series.I started when the first book was initially published and was completely under the radar much like it was with the harry potter series.

And they were great. a great holiday for my brain. It made me feel like an easily flattered sensitive 12 year old again with a completely idealized idea of what love is all about. So i suppose its only fitting that its every young pre-pubescent girls secret to life and love.

The movies are for those to lazy to read the books and hold the same charm over the audiences with more eye candy. I must just get off my chest how disgusting jacob is though.(sjoe, i've kept that bottled up) So i'm totes not on team Edward or team Jacob but rather: Team Jasper, the quiet brother of Edward who at least has some sort of element of bad-ass-ity. word up.

But still. the acting is at times vom inducing and the shrill screams in the movie theaters gave me a headache. Not to mention that it has sparked (excuse the pun. hah) the hugest vamp-trend. making vampires cool to the masses which i'm pretty sad about because i'm a sucker for mythological creatures of the night.
(it comes with the literary nerd package ok.)

So now vampires sparkle and glitter in the sun and talk about their feelings. [sies tog] Where is the guts and gore and blood and passion? luckily it is still preserved in series like
true blood. NOW! those are real vampires, and in all of Anne Rice's vampire series.
thank god for that.
lets hope this sparkling "lovely" form of veggie vampirism is just a phase.
Cos' poor old Dracula's reputation is being swooned over by tweens.

(and i'm pretty certain he isn't too happy.)


  1. yaaay!
    i love that you covered this.

  2. i love that your name is bella.
    and i love even more the extent to which you dislike twilight.
    i never said hate, because i know there are some crazy twi-hard fans who will most likely find you, kill you, cover you in glitter, and then drink your blood.

  3. I've gotta agree. As a huge fan of vampire lore and mythology in both books and film, its really sad to how something like the twilight franchise has pretty much disney-fied everything that is cool about it. The scariest thing though, is how influential its become and how these twi-hard fans will do anything to defend it. There are even entire websites dedicated to showing people's accounts of they were assaulted etc. by deranged fans for saying something negative about it.